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Lagoon Watersports offers children and young people the opportunity to take part in various outdoor adventurous activities from Brighton Marina. Activities are suitable for children ages 10+. Activities available include sailing, Powerboating (age 12+) and Standup Paddleboarding.

Activities are suitable for schools, colleges, youth groups and language students.

Lagoon Watersports has over 25 years experience offering watersports to school groups.  Although most activities for school groups take place at Hove Lagoon, older students do have the option to take part in sailing and powerboating activities from our coastal centre at Brighton Marina.

The outdoor environment encourages staff and students to see each other in a different light, building positive relationships and improving self awareness and understanding of others. Our courses offer students a way to enjoy outdoor education, such experiences can motivate children to become successful learners and help develop as healthy, confident and responsible people.

Sailing taster sessions

 Students will board our yacht or keelboat with their skipper and after a safety briefing head out of Brighton Marina. Once past the marina entrance students will set sail cruising the waves whilst enjoying the Brighton and Sussex coastline. Students can be an active crew member and enjoy several opportunities to become a real sailor as our skipper will show them how to hoist the sails and take the helm.
  • 2-hour sailing trip along the coastline from Brighton Marina
  • Try your hand at sailing by taking the helm and hoisting the sails under the instruction of our experienced skipper
  • Watch for dolphins during the summer and take a dip into the Big Blue

Price: £45 pp Duration: 2 hours. We can work around your schedule What to bring: Please wear appropriate flat shoes that won’t mark the boat and bring a swimsuit and towel Venue: Brighton Marina

Sailing Courses

 RYA Youth Coastal Sailing Stage 1, 2, 3 or 4

At Lagoon Watersports students can achieve their RYA Sailing qualifications from Stages 1-4. The certificates within our Youth Sailing Scheme are a significant achievement. Instructors can sign off each skill as students complete it and once completed, student’s certificates can be of used in other areas of study or activities such as PE at school, or the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Stage 1: A basic understanding of sailing, with some experience of steering and handling the boat. The syllabus will include: rigging, sailing across the wind at the helm and as crew, tacking and gybing, learning parts of the boat and basics of sailing.

Stage 2: A range of sailing skills and knowledge to help in becoming a confident sailor. The syllabus will include: sailing at the helm and as part of the crew, trimming sails and balancing the boat, ropework, coming alongside, reefing a boat and collision avoidance.

Stage 3: Rigging, taking the boat out under power and sailing in any direction. The syllabus will include: rigging for the conditions, more advanced sailing techniques and sailing theory. We introduce some racing to expand on trimming and sail skills.

Stage 4: Solve a variety of problems in a boat. The syllabus will include: recovery of person overboard, coming alongside a powerboat, anchoring under sail, better sail trim, more advanced tacking and gybing. After this course they will be qualified to hire a boat from us or most centres across Europe and will have a tidal endorsement meaning they are qualified for sea sailing, not just lake or reservoir.

Price: £30 per session per student Duration: Weekly sessions of 90 minutes over Spring and Summer Terms. The number of sessions depends on how many stages wish to be achieved. We are also flexible with timings. Suitability: Age 12+ Prerequisite: These sessions can be aimed for those with no experience to those with experience. We can assess levels and put students onto the course that will suit their ability. If any students already have their Youth RYA Sailing Level 4 we can deliver more technical training or adult qualifications, this can be explained in more detail upon request.

Sailing & Navigation Event

With compasses at the ready students would begin the day by studying charts, in order to plan a trip along the Sussex coastline. Once out on the ocean students will utilise their skills in navigation and chart work whilst learning to sail along the coast. This event creates a great sense of achievement whilst reaching the planned destination. Our sailing and navigation event is a great day for practical and theoretical learning – a fun challenge for all students involved.

  • Reading charts and key symbols
  • Taking bearings and distances
  • Checking tidal information and weather
  • Safety briefing and rules of of the road
  • Plan and execute a trip to Hove, Shoreham or Newhaven
  • Sail the yachts or keelboats and learn the ropes aboard working as part of the crew

Price: £85 pp Duration: 1 day, 1000-1500 Suitability: Age 12+ Prerequisite: No experience required

Enrichment Weeks

 On this exciting Enrichment Week we can offer a combination of an RYA Youth Sailing Stage 1 qualfication, a sailing trip and a powerboat ride.

RYA Sailing Level 1: Involves learning how to sail, navigate and work as part of a team. The syllabus will cover the following:

  • Basic sailing including steering, tacking, gybing, sailing across the wind and taking the helm
  • Learning parts of the boat
  • Ropework
  • Collision avoidance and turning
  • Safety procedures
  • Working as part of the team and as a crew member

Trip: We can also practice some navigation and plan a short trip to Newhaven or Shoreham. The students will learn how to plan, sail and reach a destination. An extremely rewarding accomplishment! Powerboat Ride: We can also offer a fun and exhilarating powerboat experience during the week where the students will have the opportunity to drive our powerboat with our instructor.

Price: £199 pp Duration: 4 days in May, June or subject to availability July. Each day would run approximately 1000-1500 Suitability: 12+ Prerequisite: No experience required. We realise that some children will have experience in sailing so we can offer higher qualifications or practice. We can tailor the 4 days to the requirements of the students.

“Just to say thank you for taking us out on the boat last Wednesday. We had a great time taking in the Brighton coastline, being chased off the windfarm, and learning a bit about sailing. You hosted us very well including keeping us well fed!

Thank you so much to you and your team for being so reactive and organising something so last minute! It seems the group has a great time.”

Pierre Gouverneur

“The yacht trip it was the most perfect evening and the bride was literally speechless. Your skipper and his mate were absolutely amazing and really made it a fun time. Thank you again so much it will never be forgotten.”

Amy Thompson

Great evening. We spent our last evening in Brighton on this cruise. It was the perfect end of our week. Our captain and his mate were great. We were able to help with the sails.

Sherry H, USA

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